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Split Rim Restoration 

Split rim wheels are a popular choice due to their distinctive look and multiple finish possibilities. Easily identifiable by a series of small bolts around the rim of the wheel. Many wheel restorers do not offer split rim restoration due to the complexity of the work involved. Split Rim restoration requires a lot more work than standard single piece alloy wheel restoration. 
Split Rim Restoration
Spilt rim alloys are available in 2 main forms: 
2-piece split rims - 2 piece split rims are the most popular form of split rim wheels. Here the wheel consists of a separate barrel and face, held together with multiple bolts. 
Split Rim Restoration
3-piece split rims - Similar to 2 piece split rims, 3 piece 
wheels have a separate barrel and face, only with 3 piece 
split rims, the barrel also seperates into 2 parts. 
(The picture to the right also shows a separate centre cap) 
Split Rim Restoration
To restore split rim wheels, first the wheel must be dismantled into its separate pieces. Each piece is then fully restored individually, using our full restoration process. Split rims offer the possibility to finish the barrel and faces in different colours to give a unique look. The appearance of a split rim wheel can change massively by using unique colour combinations. When each piece of the split rim has been restored, we fully re-assemble the wheel ensuring each bolt is torqued to the manufacturers settings. Each bolt is always fully cleaned before re-assembly. Alternatively we can supply replacement bolts to give the ultimate ‘new wheel’ look. 
Split Rim Wheels
Imitation Split Rims 
Also very popular are imitation split rims. These are single 
piece wheels with a series of false bolts to give the appearance of split rim alloys. Imitation split rims are popular as they offer the split rim look without the hefty price tag. Imitation split rims often have plastic false bolts. These cannot be restored but We Restore Alloys can supply replacement Stainless Steel false bolts. 
Imitation Split Rims
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